Our Farms

Family Values

Free range, sustainable farming is at the heart of everything we do. We’ve chosen to grow by taking on other family farms in the Westcountry to become dedicated suppliers to us.

Ventonwyn Farm, is in the midst of Cornwall’s rolling countryside. We are an innovative family farm based in the Westcountry with over 40 years’ experience in farming. We diversified into poultry farming 30 years ago, and set up our packing centre 10 years ago and so St Ewe Free Range Eggs was born.

Family-size farms are good for the environment and good for the hens, and this way we can build a secure future and a guaranteed market for other family farms while we still produce our own eggs on our own family farm in the way we always have done.

100% free range

All our supplier farmers meet our high standards and their hens are kept in the same free range conditions and fed the same feed as our own hens.

The eggs are only as good as the feed the hens eat so we use a Royal appointed feed company “Humphrey Feeds” who supply all our hens and other family farms with a special feed ration that we have formulated to ensure the hens are in good health and the eggs are delicious.

  • Original - large
  • Original - medium
  • Rich Yolk
  • Boost the Roost
  • Hen Picked
  • Grand