Boost the Roost have teamed up with Pancreatic Cancer UK, and for every box sold 5p is donated to PCUK.

This is a cause close to the family, as we carry a gene that causes acute pancreatitis. After many painful bouts of pancreatitis we went on a quest to see if there is anything we could do to help reduce the impact and damage caused when the pancreas is under trauma.

We learnt that researchers at the University of Liverpool are running a trial that is investigating whether giving people with pancreatitis organic selenium (Antox®) and magnesium (Magnesiocard®) can reduce the oxidative damage to the cells walls around the pancreas.

It was about the same time that we came across an article in a Poultry magazine highlighting a product called Sel-Plex® (organic selenium) made by a company called Alltech, that you can add to the hens’ feed. The hens then absorb the selenium and deposit it into their eggs, which means by eating the eggs we get all the benefits of selenium in our bodies.

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November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, we will be getting involved to help fundraise and raise awarness for PCUK. 

SINCE NOVEMBER 2016 we have raised over £3000. which funds the pcuk support line for a week and two pcuk information days for 120 people.

To help us reach our £5000 target before the end of 2017 please buy Boost the Roost eggs or DONATE.