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Eggs is eggs, right? WRONG. Here at St Ewe free Range Eggs in the heart of the Cornish countryside, and on the other Westcountry family farms where eggs are produced especially for us, nothing could be further from the truth.

From the painstaking pampering of our 100% free-range flocks, to the pioneering way we ensure every egg is of the highest quality, everything we do is about creating the freshest, tastiest, healthiest eggs – entirely naturally.

Family farm. Family values.

Ventonwyn Farm, in the midst of Cornwall’s rolling countryside, is owned and run by Richard and Christine Tonks and their daughter Rebecca.

The eggs are collected by hand just after the hatches are opened and the hens head out for their morning scratch and stroll. We gather eggs and pack them seven days a week which means our eggs really are farm fresh.

St Ewe original 6 eggs

Deliciously tasty range

Versatile, healthy, tasty, affordable. Packed with nutrients and one of the best value protein foods known to man. An egg is all this and more, and we have created the widest choice of hens’ eggs you will find anywhere in the UK. From our ‘Original’ blue boxes of British Lion Code accredited free range eggs to our ground-breaking speciality ranges for chefs, bakers and superfood fans, everyone who loves a good egg will love a St Ewe egg.

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From egg to chick to hen to egg

So which comes first – the chicken or the egg? That’s an easy one for us – it’s the chickens. We look after them and they take care of the eggs. It’s a simple philosophy that has been proved right time and again and earned us many prestigious awards.

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Selection of photos showing the development of the farm from the eighties


What will you do with yours?

Stuck for ideas? For brilliant breakfasts, super-quick snacks, the lightest lunches, perfect pasta, to-die-for dinners and the best-ever baking, there is more to an egg than poached, scrambled or fried.

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